style notes

by samantha lim

meant only to inspire, visual and vocal bites about style, fashion, and life.

"Fashion must be the intoxicating release form the banality of the world" -Diana Vreeland

"There is a mysterious stillness and intimacy of a woman doing her hair and makeup which attracts me" -Pedro Almodovar

“"I like to design simple things that are not basic. I’d say I’m natural, quite opinionated, and that I don’t like to stand out too much" -Hussein Chalayan”

“"If you look at any great fashion photograph out of context, it will tell you just as much about what’s going on in the world as a headline in the New York Times" -Anna Wintour”

“"Nudity in my shows is about purity and the body’s power. Clothes cocoon the body" -Hussein Chalayan”

"What is beautiful is good, and who is good will soon be beautiful" -Sappho

“"I find it easy to make things seem naughty. I quite like the idea of doing something more intelligent." -Marc Jacobs”

“"Its difficult to be avant-garde today. People have got used to everything" -Vivienne Westwood”