style notes

by samantha lim

meant only to inspire, visual and vocal bites about style, fashion, and life.

"I see it as my responsibility to thoroughly clear out haute couture, to give it a new freshness and ease" -John Galliano

"I don’t believe that clothes can start a revolution, but I do believe that fashion is often a manifestation of a sociological or political climate" -Tom Ford

“"I haven’t yet made clothes that I have been totally satisfied with, and maybe never will" -Rei Kawakubo”

"I have always been known to mix things, I love the idea of fusion" -Asley Isham

"I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists. I have to force people to look at things" -Alexander McQueen

"In the 60s there was a look. In the 70s there was a look, and in the 80s, now, its a free for all" -Betsey Johnson

"elegance is refusal" -Coco Chanel